How does carbon-14 dating work? And how accurate is it?

Hello K, Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. Carbon-14 is mostly used to date once-living things (organic material). Living organisms are continually integrating C-14 into their bodies from the cosmic rays in the atmosphere along with other carbon Isotopes. But when … Read More

Is there such a thing as Biblical evolution?

Hello F, Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. In order to answer this question, we need to first identify the different types of evolution. There are 2 types of Evolution – Micro-evolution and Macro-evolution. Micro-evolution happens every day and is perfectly Biblical. On the other hand, Macro-evolution is what Darwin … Read More

Is the canopy theory credible?

Hello S, Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. Isaac Vail (1840–1912) was the first to propose the canopy theory in 1874. This theory was originally developed to explain the source of the flood water that covered the Earth. Its proponents speculated … Read More

Did Darwin teach racism?

Hello E, Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. The Teachings of Charles Darwin are based on the idea that all humans evolved from ape-like creatures, and, since some groups of humans supposedly are less ape-like than others, some humans are more … Read More

What is the probability of the theory of evolution?

Hello K, Thank you for contact6ing ProofDirectory. Henry M. Morris, Ph. D. addresses this question in his article “Probability and Order Versus Evolution”: “One of the strongest direct evidences for special creation is the existence of innumerable highly complex systems … Read More

How does the first law of thermodynamics prove creation?

Hello L, Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. All physical, biological, and chemical processes are subject to the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The First Law of Thermodynamics was formulated originally by Robert Mayer (1814-1878). And it states that in … Read More

What evidence is there that Earth is young?

Hello B Thank you for contacting ProofDirectory. Here are just a few evidences that show that Earth is younger than what evolutionists teach: 1-Tightly Folded Rock Strata When solid rock is bent, it breaks. Rock can only bend without fracturing … Read More