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Bible Answers is adopted from the book “Bible Readings for the Home Circle – 1914 edition”. Similar to the book, this page is divided into 18 sections, consisting of 201 topics that answer about 4,000 questions. Each topic is organized in a question – answer format, with answers referencing the Bible. It could be used as a great source to broadly understand what the Bible has to say about different topics.
– Bible Readings for the Home Circle

I. The Bible; How to Study and Understand It

II. Sin; Its Origin, Results, and Remedy

III. The Way to Christ

IV. Life, Parables, and Miracles of Christ

V. The Holy Spirit

VI. The Sure Word of Prophecy

VII. Coming Events and Signs of the Times

VIII. The Law Of God

IX. The Sabbath

X. Christian Liberty

XI. Life Only In Christ

XII. Christian Growth And Experience

XIII. Prayer And Public Worship

XIV. Christian Service

XV. Admonitions and Warnings

XVI. The Home

XVII. Health And Temperance

XVIII. The Kingdom Restored